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I'm Wendy,

innovation strategist, entrepreneur, maker- and urgent optimist. 

Curiosity. Following it has guided me throughout my career. It’s what got me to run corporate impact funds and accelerators at and Chivas. It’s how I ended up leading brand and communications teams at Impact Hub Global, Nike, Carlsberg and Groupon.


Curiosity has been particularly present over the 5 years that I spent my days reinventing how people discover and enjoy cities with Secret City Trails. With our incredible team, we created 100s of self-guided experiences that sparked people’s curiosity for their surroundings. Secret City Trails was acquired in 2022. 

Today, I'm helping others be curious about what's next -- about the future. I do this as an innovation consultant as part of NextGenners -- and at the World Wide Fund for Nature enabling more innovative fundraising.

Curiosity is present in my personal life, too. Mostly in the form of questions. Because great questions unlock the best stories. And I love stories. They're filled with emotion, creativity (inspiration!), adventure, facts (chance to learn!) and more goodness. What's a question you want to ask today? 

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