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Innovation thinking and doing

I work with teams on innovation strategies that are mission-aligned and action-packed. I collaborate with internal innovators to develop, test and scale new value propositions. I facilitate workshops on innovation theory and practice. 

Business strategy & action

I invite founders, leaders and teams to time-travel into the future. I create space for teams rewrite their mission, vision and strategy.  I help bring strategic plans to life. I empower teams with frameworks for action.  

Awakening curiosity

​As co-founder of Secret City Trails, I spent 5 years building a business that helped humans be more curious about their surroundings. We bootstrapped, raised funds, scaled to 20+ countries. Then, we sold the business. My love for curiosity stuck. Today, I facilitate workshops for teams to pause, play and reconnect with their curious selves.

Provocative communications

From communications and campaign planning + execution to multi-media content creation. Whether it's overseeing comms, or rolling up my sleeves and doing it, I love crafting messages that inspire action
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